I Came Here for Love: Why Choose a Wedding Celebrant

As the happiest day of your life approaches, you quickly realise how perfect you want everything to be on that special day. Really perfect! Usually, it’s at this point you start losing your patience quickly at everything and start hearing words like “don’t worry” or “it’ll turn out fine,” but that’s not what you really want to hear, you just want to know that all the preparations towards your dream wedding is complete. Most importantly, it must be clear to all the people present that this is your inimitable story, a never seen, exclusive romance.

If your choice is a church wedding (praise the lord) you have two common choices, but one reasonable choice, a civil wedding and the restrictions and complications that come with it (I thought you wanted to recreate your dream wedding, this choice will frustrate that mental picture you have), or you can opt for a Celebrant. Below are reasons why celebrants are getting more plaudits;

Your Venue Can Be at That Place You Imagined It to Be

Indeed, you can take care of the legal part of the ceremony by signing at the registry before and after the ceremony. Knowing this, your ceremony is now literally open to a world of possibilities, a volcano (hot wedding), where you first met (aww!), anywhere. An option that is certainly not available for those who go for the civil route.

Can we Get Married at Midnight?

Yes! If you want it to be in the morning, afternoon or deep into the evening, celebrants are always ready to play their parts in making you fulfill your wild fantasies. Really, a wedding at midnight might be too wild, but it’s your choice, and that’s the point!

Your Relationship Has Its Unique Language

Have you noticed how you must speak more or less with your significant other(s) than with other people. You have fashioned for yourself a language that helps you convey your feelings purely. Also, no two relationships are the same, and you deserve to write your own scripts. During your ceremony, you can do exactly that. In your vows and words, you don’t have to follow the traditional methods fully or at all. It’s up to the people involved in the relationship to come up with the promises they feel will bring the other to tears of joy, because, you know, that’s what it’s all about.

The Wedding Will Be as You Imagined It

With celebrants, you get to pitch in as many ideas as you can about your dream wedding. With the expertise and experience of Celebrants, you can be rest assured that they’ll be ready to make suggestions that you might like to fill in the gaps with, other than that, everything will be as you dreamt it. The length of proceedings, involving your loved ones in the vows, including symbolic rituals. If you choose to make it too short, at the very least you can evade the nightmare of having a ceremony that’s exactly like many that have gone before it.

For these reasons, don’t be scared to seize your happiness, it’s the biggest day of your life, a day you’ve caught yourself dreaming about for so long, it’s okay to be the happiest in it!

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