wedding ceremony

My role is to create your ceremony as you want it to be. Where you want. How you want.

I am here to make your Moment Memorable. Day or Night, Weekday or Weekend. You will always remember your wedding ceremony!

This is one of those moments in your life that you will hold above all others.

This time will be marked not by cakes or flowers but by your heart.

At your wedding, our hearts celebrate the connection and emotional significance

A Celebrant lead wedding ceremony you can both celebrate this huge moment in your life that will burst with your personality.

wedding ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, civil ceremonies, handfastings, and vow renewals.

It’s Your Wedding, It’s Your Ceremony, It’s Your Celebration

A wedding celebrant is a professionally trained and fully insured officiant, with the skills and experience in place to create completely bespoke and personalised ceremonies.


What is the difference between a wedding celebrant and a civil wedding ceremony?

With a celebrant there are no restrictions in terms of, format or style of a wedding, and can be bespoke and personalised as you want it.

Many of the elements that you and your guests would expect to see at a wedding (exchange of vows and rings etc) and lots of beautiful details for the couple and usually guest interaction.

This means this creates ceremony is welcoming memorable, fun, warm and relaxed, create lasting memories for everyone attending.


Do we need to get legally married before we have a celebrant ceremony?

Yes, weddings with a celebrant require a couple to arrange their legal documents separately from their ceremony.

This is carried out by arranging to be formally married at your local registrar office, with two witnesses present, and just sign the documents.

Save your vows and everything else until the celebration date.

This option saves both time and fees as you are literally just signing paperwork.


Can wedding celebrants be held indoors and outdoors?

The trend for outdoor weddings on the rise, using a celebrant can unlock the potential of a unique wedding venue, celebrant ceremonies are not required to take place underneath a permanent licensed structure, this provides couples with a huge choice and flexibility in terms of setting.

Explore all possibilities for ceremony settings, it does not need to be licensed if using a celebrant – you can have your dream location!


Can guests do readings in a ceremony with a wedding celebrant?

Of course! I have lots ways in which this can be done.

We can really add something special to the ceremony, and if you choose, we can add elements of religion, acknowledge a cultural background, or even a family tradition.


What type of music be played at a celebrant lead ceremony?

There are no restrictions when it comes to music during your celebrant ceremony

Walk down the aisle to your favourite song, or sign your certificate with your favourite band playing in the background.