Naming ceremonies

Naming ceremony

What is a Naming Ceremony?

Naming your child is the most wonderful way to celebrate your new addition to the family the arrival of a new child to your family with your friends and those you love around you. The people who will be present in your child’s future, to officially name them and to share the dreams and hopes for your child’s future.

It’s also an opportunity to welcome an adopted child or a stepchild uniting and bonding the whole family creating a most significant and memorable day

 We will create a very personalised ceremony, written from scratch from listening and understanding what it is you want to be included from your bespoke ceremony in any location.


What Happens at a Naming Ceremony?

The most special way to celebrate your new addition is with a Naming Ceremony this will be a celebration for family friends and the life you share with them.

Officially naming your child and making promises and commitments significant members of the family whom you have chosen to watch over your child as they grow and aspirations of your parents.

You can include your choice of music, poems and readings. Choose whom you would like to deliver the readings or poems, have the congregation sing the music you choose or you can play the music or have any music that means the most to you.

  • The choice is yours as they will be special to you and your family.
  • Naming Ceremonies can also include a section that signifies the naming of the baby.
  • You can choose Guideparents to support and guide the child as they grow.
  • The family usually hold a celebration after the ceremony at the same location.
  • Naming ceremonies are not legal ceremonies and can take place anywhere and at any time